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Koala Conservation Australia is a not-for-profit charity funded by donations, bequests, the Adopt a Wild Koala Program and souvenir shop sales.

The Koala Hospital relies on donations from people and organisations within Australia and from across the world. The Hospital is a busy, not-for-profit facility with over 175 active volunteers and 5 paid staff. The Koala Hospital is managed by Koala Conservation Australia Limited.

Help us to achieve our vision for a healthy and thriving koala population.

Your donation to Koala Conservation Australia Limited will

  • Support the life-saving work of the Koala Hospital - including the rescue, rehabilitation and wherever possible release of koalas back to the wild.
  • To develop a wild koala breeding program. This vital initiative has been brought forward owing to the devastating 2019/2020 bushfires in southern & eastern Australia.
  • Help with conservation - the purchase and regeneration of vital habitat for koalas.
  • Support education - increasing awareness and understanding of the threats facing koalas and what we need to do to conserve the species.
  • Assist with research - work with universities, research organisations, other wildlife organisations to collect information and gather the data-based knowledge to help koalas survive.

Koala Conservation Australia is a registered charity, donations within Australia are tax deductible.

Thank You

We’re a not-for-profit charity, so every dollar counts. Each time you visit the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, donate, buy a memento from our shop or Adopt a Wild Koala, you’re helping us to protect koalas. So, thank you

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