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Local, state, national and international media are vital partners in helping Koala Conservation Australia achieve its goals. In order to maximise the advantages of media support and minimise the risks of media misrepresentation it is necessary to establish guidelines for how media contacts will be conducted.


All media requested are to follow the guidelines below:

  • All requests must be sent to with an outline of what is requested/proposed
  • All requests to be in writing
  • All requests for a visit, filming or an interview to be at least seven days or more ahead of a planned visit
  • Once a request is assessed the Media Coordinator will respond in writing outlining KCA’s requirements
Koala Conservation Australia reserves the right to refuse a media visit or request.

You may be aware that the Koala Hospital treats injured and sick koalas. Each time journalists or crews visit the hospital it interrupts the work of our staff and volunteers in caring for the patients at the hospital. In addition, our patients are wild koalas and respond poorly to noise, being photographed, or being handled and visits by media can be stressful for many of them. Because of this, other than our exhibit koalas which are located in the public areas of the hospital, we are not allowing any photographs or filming of our rehabilitation patients nor conducting any tours of the private areas within the hospital grounds.

Commercial Filming at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

The Koala Hospital welcomes commercial filming at its facility in Port Macquarie however a request to film must be forwarded to and an application made to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Image library (Coming Soon)

Images in the KCA’s image library are free to be downloaded and used by media.

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