Fund A Koala Food Tree

Fund A Koala Food Tree

The major threat to the koala is the loss of their habitat. This is due to the clearing of land for urban housing and agricultural development.

On a daily basis, the staff at the Koala Hospital experience this shortage of trees in the increased difficulty in collecting fresh leaf to feed the injured koalas which are in the hospital.

To help alleviate this problem in the future, we have embarked on a project to plant koala food trees.

Koalas feed on a variety of eucalypts, the more common being Tallowood, Swamp Mahogany and Forest Red Gum. You can help us - and the Koalas - by making a donation for tree planting.

A $20 donation will enable us to plant one food tree. Your donation will help nourish koalas in the future, and reduce Australia’s carbon footprint!

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